Mental health services for adults

Call 815-391-1000 for immediate adult mental health services help.

Rosecrance is dedicated to providing caring, personalized solutions for individuals and families living with emotional disorders and mental illness. Our array of coordinated services is readily accessible and well connected to a local network of premier healthcare agencies.

Rosecrance provides an array of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adults. Our professional staff treats a variety of mental illnesses, from anxiety disorders and depression to schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. We employ board-certified psychiatrists. The center provides group and individual therapy, financial assistance, living assistance and vocational help.


Access Center/Emergency Services

The Access Center serves as the entry point for adult individuals seeking mental health services at the Ware Center. Access provides the initial mental health screening and a referral to a counselor for short-term therapy (typically 12 weeks or fewer).

Emergency Services helps adults experiencing a crisis in mental health. Crisis intervention is provided 24/7/365.

The Crisis Residential Unit is a voluntary, short-term program available to individuals with serious mental illness who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis but who, after assessment, are determined NOT to need inpatient care. These individuals do require services in a voluntary 24-hour supervised setting. The Crisis Residential Unit is located at the Rosecrance Mulberry Center.

More information about the Rosecrance Mulberry Center

Services provided through the Triage Program include crisis intervention, screening, evaluation and referrals and
linkages to community providers. Rosecrance Triage utilizes a “living room” concept; instead of a typical clinical or
emergency room setting, our program offers a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment. The Triage Program is located at the Rosecrance Mulberry Center.

More information about the Rosecrance Mulberry Center

This program provides out reach/therapeutic services to individuals who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless and have a serious mental illness or co-occurring disorder.
This program serves the homeless is a collaboration between Rosecrance Ware Center, Crusader Community Health and Carpenter’s Place.
This program provides behavioral health pre-admission screening for adults being discharged from a hospital to a nursing home setting.
Rosecrance provides screening and referral at Crusader’s West State Street and Broadway sites.
Rosecrance offers psychiatric services in conjunction with other programs.