Sober Living Chicago: How to Get a Fresh Start

The path to recovery is different for everyone. While no two journeys are the same, many people find themselves asking the same question on the path to sober living: “How do I get a fresh start?” Your unique journey will likely have its own ups and downs. You may find yourself in need of transitional … Continued

Rosecrance names new Vice President of Payer Relations

Rosecrance is pleased to announce Lisa Primm has been appointed Vice President of Payer Relations. Primm’s primary responsibility will be elevating the visibility of Rosecrance and creating connections with key insurance companies. Prior to her new position, Primm was Director of Outreach at Rosecrance and she will maintain some of her responsibilities with national referral … Continued

“Ornaments of Recovery,” by Fr. Jim Swarthout

As I was hanging up the ornaments on the Christmas tree a few weeks back, I began thinking about the messages or ‘ornaments’ of recovery. I’d like to share them with you as a gentle reminder of joy and peace this holiday season! Experience – As the heart muscle gives life to the whole body, … Continued

Bringing the 12 Steps of Spiritual Recovery into Everyday Life

by Father Jim Swarthout, Director of Alumni and Clergy Services The greatest gift you can give yourself, your family, and friends during the holidays is recovery The holidays can bring up all types of emotions, sometimes we miss our family and friends, sometimes we aren’t sure how to act around them, and other times we … Continued

The Effects of Drug Addiction

Of course, it comes as little surprise to hear that substance abuse comes with negative consequences. Still, it’s easy to underestimate the severity of drug addiction, or to simply believe you or your loved ones are immune to these negative effects. Drug addiction is very real, and the long-term and short-term effects can be severe … Continued

What Can Be Done for People Suffering with Mental Illness?

Mental health disorders are very real, and they’re more common than many of us realize. In fact, about 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience the symptoms of mental illness each year. Thankfully, there is hope, and help is available. Mental health disorders are treatable, if you know where to turn. If you or … Continued

10 Mental Health Signs You Should Never Ignore

It’s easy to believe that a mental health disorder could never happen to you or your loved ones. But the reality is that millions of Americans are diagnosed with a mental health disorder every year. They’re more common than you may realize, but help and hope is here at Rosecrance. Reach out to our team … Continued

How is Detox Included in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders?

Detoxification, or detox, is often a first step in treating addiction. However, it’s important to know that detox alone is not a complete treatment for substance use disorder. During detoxification, the body metabolizes drugs and alcohol in the system to clear their toxic influence. Professionally supervised detox programs can: Safely clear the body of an … Continued

Treatment works! The recipe to recovery and storytelling as medicine

By Dr. Tom Wright, MD, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer When I was training to be a child psychiatrist many years ago, I had a mentor who was one of the most well-known and beloved child psychiatrists in Illinois:  Jay Hirsch, MD. Jay had many sayings, quotes, and “clinical pearls” … Continued