Rosecrance a partner in new care connection program

Rosecrance joins several community partners for a new pilot program that aims to connect people with the right resources so they can maintain independence and avoid institutionalization. Illinois officials picked the Rockford region to participate in the program. The project is funded by a federal grant through the Balancing Incentive Program (BIP). In addition to … Continued

Fire Engineering Magazine features Rosecrance Florian Program

Fire Engineering Magazine featured the Rosecrance Florian Program on their website December 20, 2014. Those of us in the fire service encounter traumatic events in the line of duty every day. Days become years, and those years become a career that spans decades. To deal with the stress of the job and sometimes injuries from the job, … Continued

‘Tis the season to stick with the recovery program

Staying clean and sober during the holidays can be especially challenging with temptations at seemingly every corner. Maybe it’s the holiday party with the open bar or the alcohol and drugs available on New Year’s Eve. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable if you’re in recovery and invited to those types of gatherings. Rosecrance alumni and … Continued

Don’t let mental health, addiction issues smolder

Firefighters and paramedics encounter traumatic events in the line of duty every day. To deal with the stress and injuries from their jobs, some turn to alcohol and other drugs. The new Rosecrance Florian Program offers the best opportunity for lasting recovery by incorporating occupational factors into the treatment process. The program is housed in a designated, eight-bed coed unit … Continued

First Rosecrance ‘Reading Smoke’ seminar a success

Engaging speakers shared passionate, real-life stories Dec. 2 during the first of a series of seminars geared toward the fire service and organized by staff with the Rosecrance Florian Program. The crowd of 120 firefighters, fire chiefs, chaplains and other personnel heard details about the new Florian Program, as well as presentations about post-traumatic stress … Continued

Feeling blue? The holidays can do that to you

As we get older, the holidays tend to sneak up on us sooner each year. Christmas cards start arriving in the mail along with invitations to holiday parties. Teens create gift wish-lists that hopefully match the family’s spending money set aside for the season. Very quickly, the stretch of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s … Continued

Congressman Adam Kinzinger Visits Rosecrance Ware Center

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-16th) toured the Rosecrance Ware Center Friday, December 8, to view the relocated facility and the increase in space for clients, staff and programs. Rosecrance Ware Center Administrator Anne Fridh and President/CEO Philip Eaton showed Kinzinger around the new 42,000-square-foot facility, which has a modern design with a spacious lobby and … Continued

Rosecrance Florian Program featured in Chicago Tribune

The Rosecrance Florian Program for firefighters & paramedics was featured on the front page of the Chicago Tribune Monday, December 1, 2014. Click here to watch the video and read the article. To learn more about the Rosecrance Florian Program, click here.