Rosecrance Berry Campus Parent Cafe this Thursday

Rosecrance is hosting a free event provided to all members of the community. Rosecrance Berry Campus Parent Cafe is an opportunity for parents who may have general questions about their child’s wellbeing to come together in a friendly and welcoming environment. A combination of education and discussion are provided to help assist and empower parents to make … Continued

Plan for recovering addicts puts discharge at forefront of treatment

While the timeline and process for overcoming an addiction at a treatment facility may differ from person to person, one thing is constant: the hope and plan for an eventual discharge. Those plans actually start at the beginning of the process, says Glenda Burns, transition specialist at the Rosecrance Adolescent Treatment Center. “Once the client … Continued

Hear Rosecrance’s Dr. Wright speak about social alcoholism on RadioMD

Dr. Thomas Wright, Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs, explains the differences between a social drinker and an alcoholic on the show “Staying Well” hosted by Melanie Cole. He speaks about signs to look for that may indicate alcoholism, such as tolerance changing, symptoms of withdrawal or loss of control. The … Continued

12 Steps offer recovering addicts structure and stability

For those who have never had an addiction, the 12 Steps are often the stuff of movies and novels, a plot device when a character is battling addictive demons. But for the many recovering addicts across the world, the 12 Steps are tangible ideas that require thought and action. For those individuals, the 12 Steps … Continued