Taking action once signs of teen addiction are confirmed

Finding drugs or alcohol in a child’s room can be cause for alarm – but not counterproductive overreaction – for parents. Previously, we looked at factors a parent can use to determine whether to seek outside help for a child’s potential addiction. This week we’ll consider what parents should do once they have decided to … Continued

Determining whether signs of addiction require attention

Whether you’re doing an intentional search for marijuana in your daughter’s room or just happen to come across a bottle of Jack Daniel’s while gathering up your son’s laundry, you’re probably more than a little concerned about what to do next. Do you confront the issue head on, demand answers and issue punishments, or do … Continued

Relying on circadian rhythms to help teens

Parents and children are known to share terms of endearment before calling it a night, but for moms and dads with teens in the house, those bedtime declarations of affection are often accompanied by the frustrated and futile command: “Go to sleep!” As maddening as it is, it’s normal. “According to research, the natural circadian … Continued