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Wheeling Substance Abuse Treatment

Rosecrance Northbrook Office
1200 Shermer Road, Suite 104
Northbrook, IL 60062

Locally in the Wheeling area Rosecrance is considered the primary choice for those seeking substance abuse treatments due to our dedication to patients and families. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and commitment in helping put families back together.  Addiction creeps its way into families causing incredible destruction. Annually we have had the honor of working with nearly 32,000 patients and families whether an adolescent or adult needing addiction therapies. Rosecrance substance abuse treatment centers offer a wide range of therapies including prevention, intervention, detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatment, experiential therapies, dual-diagnosis care and family education. Rosecrance offers you a team of educated and compassionate experts in many levels of addiction.

Wheeling Substance Abuse Center

Our Wheeling clients find an incredible value in having a substance abuse treatment center like Rosecrance offered in their area. Wheeling is a village in both Cook & Lake Counties in Illinois, with a local residential population of nearly 38,000 residents. Rosecrance staff focuses on the importance of teaching patients through their substance abuse treatment. We find importance in being able to provide a fulfilling experience through the substance abuse treatment process while focusing on the fundamentals. Guiding patients along this journey allows the staff at Rosecrance substance abuse treatment centers to continue healthy and supportive relationships. Also, while restoring relationships and in turn strengthening our communities. This education and commitment offered through Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center are the reason we receive inquiries from Wheeling residents!

Substance Abuse Treatment Near Wheeling

Seeking information on all of the services offered through Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center is the first step in your recovery. Whether you call Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center at our toll free number provided: (815) 391-1000 or decide to walk in to any one of our walk in substance abuse treatment centers. We promise you the assessment is absolutely free. Rosecrance professionals guarantee our core values in the care you receive of excellence, integrity, compassion and diversity. We know and understand the impact drugs and alcohol place on one’s life. Rosecrance is offering you the resources to make choices to change your life through our substance abuse treatment programs. Our highly educated and experienced staff is available to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our substance abuse centers. We are ready to discuss your assessment and substance abuse treatment needs. It all starts by reaching out to Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center today. Confidentially, commitment and compassion are waiting for you at Rosecrance!

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