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Tinley Park Substance Abuse Treatment

Rosecrance Frankfort Office
20635 Abbey Woods Ct #310
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Rosecrance is a substance abuse treatment center and mental health treatment center that allows individuals and families who are struggling with substance abuse the opportunity to heal, mature and become grounded in recovery as they move forward in their successful and drug-free future. Rosecrance offers substance abuse treatment through outpatient and inpatient treatments for adults, teenagers and children. We take pride in a family-friendly environment that treats adolescent and young adults with substance abuse disorders. Rosecrance offers an intensive outpatient program, continuing care services, early intervention and more. Rosecrance was founded in the early nineteen hundreds and is serving 32,000 families each year. Our substance abuse treatment centers near Tinley Park are equipped with providing quality evidence-based treatment with inpatient and outpatient services. Rosecrance is the leading substance abuse treatment provider of alcohol and drug addiction in Northern Illinois and we provide a practical approach.

Tinley Park Substance Abuse Center

Rosecrance provides a substance abuse treatment center near Tinley Park and offers over 40 substance abuse treatment centers in the nation. Tinley Park, Illinois is a village located south of Chicago in Cook County and has a population of 56,703. Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center near Tinley Park has a mission to provide help, hope and recovery to children, youth, adults and families through a practical approach. We understand that in order to effectively treat we must take a holistic approach to treatment. Focusing on the body, mind and spirit is proven to give the lasting recovery that people deserve. We not only focus on recovery, but we also create an environment conducive for long-term community and family success. Rosecrance’s substance abuse treatment center has a comprehensive range of treatments including prevention, intervention, detoxification, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Near Tinley Park

Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center near Tinley Park is one of the country’s leading substance abuse treatment centers for teens and adults. Our holistic approach addresses the emotional, developmental, physical and spiritual needs of patients and involves the families in these processes to help in the long term recovery process. Rosecrance uses experiential therapies and dual-diagnosis care and family education that will bring about successful results. Rosecrance near Tinley Park keeps our mission and our vision in the forefront as we carry out our core values of excellence, integrity, compassion, recovery and diversity. Take the first step in taking control of your life and call our qualified representatives at: (888) 928-5278 today. Feel free to call us today to schedule an assessment.

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