Residential Inpatient Treatment Centers for Alcohol & Drug Abuse


For Adults

Intensive inpatient residential treatment centers, based upon each individual’s needs, offer individual, group and family counseling; educational sessions; life skills groups; discharge planning; and an introduction to the recovering community. Spiritual exploration and relapse prevention are effectively integrated into the treatment process.

This high intensity level of care is provided in a residential setting at Rosecrance Harrison Campus. Such a setting offers a safe, secure atmosphere in which patients can focus on their recovery. A typical length of stay is 35 to 40 days. Patients are housed separately in the Men’s Unit or the Women’s Unit.

If you will be entering treatment, check the following list for items to bring or leave:
Packing for inpatient treatment (PDF)


For Teens

Teens who are assessed as needing a highly intense level of care in a residential setting, due to a moderate to serious impairment from chemical use, are admitted to the Residential program. This rehab center is located at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus. Here you will learn about the disease of substance addiction and receive the tools needed to live a drug-free lifestyle. Patients experience a treatment day that includes school, recreation, experiential therapies, art, educational lectures, process groups, recovery meetings, 12-Step groups, life skills (food prep, cooking, meal etiquette), coping skill groups and individual and family counseling.

Most patients stay 35 to 45 days, but this is based on individual needs. Group counseling is provided six days per week. Primary counselors and case managers complete at least two individual sessions with the patients and one family session with the family and patient per week.

Packing for inpatient treatment (PDF)