How do you measure success?

This is one of the most common questions asked of treatment centers. Recovery, unlike diabetes, does not have a medically-tested and approved number that defines healthy and unhealthy. What we must look at in measuring a person’s success in recovery are changes in substance use, restoration of family connections, progress in work and/or school and improvement in social skills.

How does Rosecrance measure outcomes? For the past 10 years, Rosecrance has enlisted the assistance of Northern Illinois University in conducting independent outcome studies with clients. This study looked at self-reported substance use, as well as other legal, personal and social indicators.

The results of these studies show the following areas of improvement post-treatment:

  • 62% reported that they were no longer using three-to-12 months post-treatment
  • 87% have not tried any new drugs since treatment
  • 85% reported improved relationships with family members
  • 81% report improved grades at school
  • 85-90% never/rarely missed school, cut class or received detention
  • 90% reported improved outlook on themselves
  • 85% reported improved outlook on life
  • 96% of adolescents and 81% of parents reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with the services they received at Rosecrance

  • 85% indicate no regular use three-to-12 months post treatment
  • 94% improved parenting skills and relationships with children
  • 79% involved with a sober peer group or friends
  • 93% no criminal activity since treatment
  • 86% have employment following treatment
  • 94% are satisfied with the treatment they received
In addition, we know that relapse prevention vastly improves when you follow the recommended individualized discharge plan which can mean:

  • A daily 12 Step meeting schedule
  • Obtaining a sponsor
  • Arranging for individual counseling
  • Addressing any medical issues
  • Developing a support system
  • Family attendance at Alanon meetings
  • Creating positive social connections
  • Involvement in Alumni Club activities