Getting started

We know that talking about a substance problem involving you or a loved one can feel overwhelming. At Rosecrance, we want to make the first step as simple as possible.

It begins with a phone call.

Paying for treatment

After the assessment, your counselor will link you with a financial case manager who will assist in exploring the funding options available. Your case manager will explain your health plan coverage, out-of-pocket expenses and our charity care/patient assistance fund.

For general questions concerning our rates or the patient assistance application process, click here.

Before you begin treatment, you’ll put together important documents and contact information, schedule elective appointments and create an up-to-date list of prescribed medications (or obtain a 30-day supply in original containers for inpatient clients). If you are participating in outpatient services, it is important to have childcare and transportation issues resolved before treatment begins. Notify us of difficulties with transportation or childcare if they arise.