Adult substance abuse services

Rosecrance believes strongly in the capability and power of you, as an individual, to recover. By choosing to enter treatment, you have taken the essential first step toward your recovery. Your treatment program will include group, individual and family counseling. Group activities include educational/didactic lectures, team building/recreational activities, spirituality, education, counseling and 12 Step education.

We are committed to providing a variety of services to meet the needs of our patients and their families. Your length of stay in all treatment programs is dependent on your progress and accomplishment of treatment goals — as determined by you, your counselor and, when appropriate, your family.

Through the Rosecrance Health Center unit, medically monitored care is provided to assist in the safe withdrawal from the effects of various drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse education, intervention and counseling are offered and patients are referred to services based upon individual needs. Individuals are admitted 24 hours a day.

If you will be entering treatment through the Rosecrance Health Center, check the following list for items to bring or leave:

Packing for Rosecrance Health Center list (PDF)

Intensive inpatient programs, based upon each individual’s needs, offer individual, group and family counseling; educational sessions; life skills groups; discharge planning; and an introduction to the recovering community. Spiritual exploration and relapse prevention are effectively integrated into the treatment process.

This high intensity level of care is provided in a residential setting at Rosecrance Harrison Campus. Such a setting offers a safe, secure atmosphere in which patients can focus on their recovery. A typical length of stay is 35 to 40 days. Patients are housed separately in the Men’s Unit or the Women’s Unit.

If you will be entering treatment, check the following list for items to bring or leave:
Packing for inpatient treatment (PDF)

This level of care allows an individual to receive intensive services on site five days per week while continuing to live at home during the evenings and on the weekends.
These programs are provided for patients who have successfully completed inpatient treatment or who need a less intensive level of treatment for their addiction. Programs vary from expanded intensive outpatient to intensive outpatient to continuing care. Moving from the most intensive to least intensive outpatient programs provide you with the ongoing treatment education and support that you need to establish a strong recovery foundation. Individualized treatment through ongoing assessment, group and individual counseling, educational sessions, special topics groups and relapse prevention planning are available in these settings. Both day and evening sessions are offered.
Greendale House, located in a 10-unit apartment complex, is a transitional living recovery program for adults and mothers with their children. Residents focus on the development of essential skills necessary to maintain lasting recovery. Greendale House is located across the street from the Rosecrance Harrison Campus which gives the residents easy access to the services offered through the adult treatment program.

For more information, please download the Greendale House Transitional Living overview sheet (PDF)