Castle Award

Castle AwardClarence and Millard Castle

These two visionary leaders, father and son, watched Rosecrance grow from a small orphanage to the organization that it is today. Together they provided more than 100 years of combined service and leadership.

Clarence E. Castle began his service as a member of the Rosecrance Memorial Home for Children Board of Directors in the early 1920s. An insurance salesman and an active member of Centennial United Methodist Church, Castle joined the Board at the request of the United Methodist Church’s Rock River Conference. He served as treasurer until shortly before he passed away in 1970. Castle noted in a newspaper interview just before his 75th birthday that his work on the Rosecrance Board provided him “his greatest personal satisfaction.” In 1970 Clarence Castle was honored at the Rosecrance Annual Benefit for his devotion to the agency.

His son, Millard E. Castle, joined the Rosecrance Board in 1947 after graduation from the University of Illinois and service as a Major in the U.S. Army in World War II under General George S. Patton. A traffic manager at J.L. Clark until his retirement in 1981, Millard was a faithful member of Centennial United Methodist Church throughout his lifetime and active as a Mason and a Shriner. He loyally served on the Rosecrance Board and the Finance Committee, and rarely missed a meeting, until his death in 2005 at the age of 90. Former Rosecrance board member John McNamara recalls: “Millard was always optimistic. To me it seemed to reflect an enormous faith in God—the cause was right, kids needed our help; of course, we could and would do it!”

Castle Boulevard, the entrance drive to the Griffin Williamson adolescent campus, pays tribute today to the unparalleled dedication and philanthropic leadership of these two men.

The Castle Award

First instituted in 2007, this award recognizes an individual or family that has provided exceptional or exemplary leadership to advance the mission of Rosecrance. The recipients of this award are among the most dedicated supporters of Rosecrance and their contributions embody the spirit of Clarence and Millard Castle through an unparalleled commitment to Rosecrance and the individuals and families we serve.

Castle Award Recipients

2017 Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church
John Cook
John J. McDonough
Thomas C. Furst
The Rosecrance Family
2012 Jerry Paris, Rosecrance Health Network Board Member
2011 The families of John and Linda Anderson and John and Judy Anderson Graff
2010 Randy Krup, board member and properties board chairman
2009 John and Kim Griffin, Dave and Cherry Griffin Beto and Wally Griffin Beville, family of Walt Williamson and Polly Griffin
2007 John Mink, board member and former board president
2007 Jean Castle, Honorary Recipient, wife of Millard Castle