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What we must look at in measuring a person’s success in recovery are changes in substance use, restoration of family connections, progress in work and/or school and improvement in social skills.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of reviews from clients who have experienced freedom from their substance abuse and/or mental illness. These reviews come from sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google and

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rgwReviews of Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus

Located on fifty scenic acres, this 67,000 square foot, 78-bed treatment center for adolescents ages 12-18 includes an on-site school, a chapel, a gymnasium and fitness center and an outdoor dining patio.



Christian (4/5)
4starsRosecrance helped me to recover and start my sobriety. I didn’t think I was ready, but I have been clean for 6 months .. January 14th.. Thank you.. TWEET TWEET!!”

Anonymous (4/5)
4stars“I’m proud to say that I went to the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson facility and I am 456 days clean 🙂 it took awhile but everything I was taught and shown there stuck with me! From the bottom of my heart I wanna thank you all”

Teresa (5/5)
5stars1“I am so grateful for the treatment my son received at this facility. This was his choice to go to Rosecrance & today he is almost 4 months sober, back in school & volunteering. I cannot thank you enough for helping my son realize there is a better life out there waiting for him.”

Danielle (5/5)
“As a 17 year old girl in Chicago, things are hard enough. As a 17 year old addict living under a bridge in Chicago, I never thought I’d live past my 18th birthday. I spent a couple months in Rosecrance and I can now proudly say I am a functioning adult with my own apartment and job. I am soon celebrating my 1 year sober birthday. I cannot give enough appreciation to the staff of Rosecrance. Each and every one of them touched my heart. And spending this past summer there was actually the best time spent yet. Thank you to Mrs Walker and the other staff for CHANGING MY LIFE.”

Kyle (5/5)
5stars1“Rosecrance changed my life. It is the best facility in the world and I would recommend anyone who is struggling to give your life a chance. It’s going to be difficult but so worth it. I owe my life to the staff here and to all the new sober friends I made by being here. I’ll never forget Rosecrance. I miss it everyday. It felt safe and like a second home.”

Tom (5/5)
5stars1“If someone told me a year ago that this is where I’d be at in a year with my kids recovery I would have said “sign me up”. So very grateful to ALL the people at Rosecrance…you made a difference in my family’s life. Thank you!”

Anonymous (5/5)
5stars1“Love this place, of course I went willingly. Most of the girls I went with didn’t stay clean due to the fact that they were forced to be there and didn’t want think they were an addict. Whatever the case may be for others, this place changed my life! It made me realize that I had options for the first time. The staff is caring and for the most part all the staff that were working when I was there I would be more than happy to see again! I don’t think they do an amazing job at keeping in contact once you are out, I suppose it could be up to you to do that. Today I have 2 years and 4 months clean!  01.02.13”

Stephen (5/5)
5stars1“Very helpful. Life changing. Nothing but positive memories that still make me smile to this day. I can say I actually miss this place. Food was great, staff was phenomenal, and the program was very structured and attentive to my personal problem. Not a single bad thing to say about this place at all. This is the go to place for substance abuse issues”

Rachel (5/5)
5stars1“This place was perfect. It was beautiful also with a gorgeous Japanese garden to help them find peace. The staff was amazing. They held family weekends for learning about rehab.”


Rosecrance Harrison CampusReviews of Rosecrance Harrison Campus

This contemporary 97-bed adult treatment center is designed to provide a therapeutic environment conducive to recovery. Nestled on ten acres of park-like grounds, the center includes open living and recreational space, outdoor dining, a childcare center and playground, chapel, fitness center and serenity walking path.


Shannon (5/5)
5stars1“Because I honestly wanted to change my life for myself this place gave me the tools that I needed to begin that journey. On the 25th of this month I will have 18 months clean and sober because I took Rosecrance, the 12 step program and my life seriously.”

Steve (5/5)
5stars1“Saved my life. Period. And directed me on how to begin living instead of killing myself”

Julie (5/5)
5stars1“So grateful that such an important facility exists to help parents struggling with addiction. The best part is that their children get to come every weekend and spend the night.”

Ron (5/5)
5stars1“I wanted to say thanks to you guys my life with my wife is awesome again. Thanks so much for the help you gave my wife I so appreciate it you guys are the best.”

Kyle (5/5)
5stars1“Great place with amazing staff who remember you when they see you outside of the facilities! I couldn’t of been more pleased with my stay there!”

Anonymous (5/5)
5stars1“Thank you so much for helping me on my long journey to recovery”


Gwen (5/5)
5stars1“Most of the employees are in recovery, which was wonderful. I myself had an amazing counseling experience from a great counselor.”

Tim (5/5)
5stars1“I stayed for 37 days, where I got into a routine that did not include drugs or alcohol and that was very helpful to my recovery. I also attended AA and NA meetings and got the tools needed to continue my sobriety outside the facility. Positive attributes include, the environment, the counselors, exercise and the room/outdoor area. However, there were not enough counselors and it was hard to see the psychiatrist.”

Tammy (5/5)
5stars1“The woman’s program is very structured it goes from 6:00am to around 10:00pm they keep you focused when in the groups and the food they offered was really good. This one offered many programs that were different than any facility I had been to and I have been to a lot.”