Signs & Symptoms of Heroin Abuse & Addiction

Signs of Heroin Addiction & Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin users might appear sleepy and have pinpoint pupils, slowed cardiac function and clouded mental functioning. They might experience flu-like symptoms during withdrawal.

Gateway Drugs

Most heroin users start with other drugs first. Many heroin users move from prescription pain relievers like Vicodin or Oxycontin when they are unable to obtain a prescription, making it costly to buy these drugs on the street. Others are poly-drug users who are looking for the next best high. Many start with marijuana and alcohol. It’s important for parents not to minimize the impact of these drugs, as they could lead to other drug use like heroin.

Heroin & Teens

Many of our young people have a lowered perception of harm regarding heroin. As a result, teens are not as afraid to try this substance, especially if their peers are using it. Today’s heroin users do not fit the stereotype of old, but are suburban youth in their late teens or early 20’s.