Alcohol Addiction Treatment

I’ve heard of alcoholism and drug addiction described as a “disease.” How can this be true?

Alcoholism and drug addiction have the same fundamental characteristics as physical diseases:

  • They are progressive, meaning that they worsen over time without proper treatment.
  • They are fatal. If untreated, they ultimately lead to death.
  • There is an inherited biological connection that causes a pre-disposition or increased likelihood of a person having the diseases.
  • They manifest in a predictable way regardless of whom they affect.

Often people interpret the word “disease” as meaning that the person does not bear any responsibility for their condition. However, even in many physical diseases, there is a clear connection between the person’s lifestyle and the onset of a physical problem. Regardless of how the condition developed, it is that person’s responsibility to seek proper medical care and follow their doctor’s advice in regard to lifestyle changes. Someone who is addicted has a disease, but the treatment of their disease involves accepting responsibility for taking the steps necessary to get the condition under control. Of course, every action carries with it a moral component. This is no less true for addiction problems. However, just as with a physical condition, judgement for moral failure is not the path to resolving the problem and is best left up to that person to address within the context of their belief system.

Once you become addicted, can you ever become cured?

Those who are alcoholics and/or drug addicted and have been able to stop through an active participation in a plan of recovery consider themselves to be recovering. This means that while they do not currently drink or use drugs they will always be susceptible to alcohol or drugs and will need to make significant lifestyle changes in order to continue to reinforce their new lifestyle. Addiction has such a profound effect on the individual that even when they no longer use or drink, their previous experiences have left a lasting impact on the way they view themselves and the world around them. Alcoholics don’t consider themselves to be cured, but they do consider themselves to be recovering and “no longer active” in alcohol or drug use.

Rosecrance can help

At Rosecrance, we have developed an evidence-based, 12 Step-based program that incorporates clinical, medical, educational and experiential therapies into a comprehensive individualized treatment plan. Your length of stay in any treatment program is dependent on your progress and accomplishment of treatment goals — as determined by you, your counselor and, when appropriate, your family.

We know that talking about a substance problem involving you or a loved one can feel overwhelming. At Rosecrance, we want to make the first step as simple as possible. It begins with a phone call.

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