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Rosecrance provides the best opportunity for lasting recovery for your client.

Rosecrance takes a practical, evidence-based approach to preparing patients and families for life beyond treatment. We have designed an environment that helps patients discover new passions to replace the addictive behaviors.

Call us at 815-391-1000 to refer your patient, or use one of these referral sheets.

Your patient’s recovery is our top priority. The staff at Rosecrance partners with you in providing an individualized treatment plan tailored to meet the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of your clients. Your clients will receive compassionate care and be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

In this section, the professional referent will find helpful information that is tailored to meet his/her needs. But, the best way to learn about us is by talking to one of our staff members. At Rosecrance, our greatest strength is our staff. It’s what our clients tell us over and over again. Let us help you guide your clients and families onto the path toward lasting recovery.