Mental health services for children and adolescents

Call 815-391-1000 for immediate children and family mental health services help.

Most families are not prepared to deal with the impact of having a child with a serious emotional disturbance. Once the initial shock wears off, there are myriad questions: What do we do now? Where do I go for help?

At Rosecrance, our focus is on the assessment, treatment and recovery of children and adolescents, as well as support their parents and other family members. Rosecrance provides the most advanced and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for childhood emotional disorders. Our staff includes two board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and a full range of mental health professionals who specialize in treating young people.

Rosecrance mental health services for children and adolescents are based on evidence-based models delivered in a kid-friendly environment. Physician services and medication management are woven throughout all programs at Berry Campus.

Comprehensive mental health screenings are provided to determine the mental health needs of the child. In addition to a diagnosis and recommendation for services, parents/guardians receive a full explanation of the child’s needs.

Referrals are made to other agencies if the needed services are not available at the Rosecrance Berry Campus.

The Children and Family Therapy Program provides individual and family counseling/advocacy and includes four evidence-based practices: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Counseling takes place at Rosecrance Berry Campus and can be scheduled voluntarily or for court-ordered individuals.

The most frequent diagnoses in the Children and Family Therapy Program are ADHD, behavioral disorders, bipolar, disorder and depression.


This therapeutic mentoring program teaches life skills to children, including social skills, self-esteem, boundaries and coping. The program is five hours per week and lasts up to six months. Like the Intensive Outpatient Program, children are referred by their Rosecrance Berry Campus counselor.
Rosecrance offers 24/7 emergency screening and assessment services for immediate treatment, which often includes hospitalization. Emergency assessments are completed in the community.

Caresline number: 1-800-345-9049

The Mental Health Juvenile Justice Initiative program serves youth with severe mental illness who are in detention or who recently were in custody at an Illinois juvenile detention center. Youth also may be on home detention or electronic monitoring. Program case managers advocate for these youth within the legal system to try to prevent further incarceration. Youth are linked with appropriate community services. The age range of individuals in this program is 10 to 17 years.

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This program provides child and family therapy in the school setting or at home. Services are offered at Rosecrance Berry Campus beginning at grade six. The program is a collaboration with Rockford Public Schools and Winnebago County Health Department. School-linked sites include: Blackhawk Health Center (across from Beyer School), Head Start (eight classrooms), Fresh Start, Dennis Early Education Center, Fairview, Beyer, Lathrop, Nelson, King, Kishwaukee, Washington and Haskell schools.Grade range is kindergarten to fifth grade.
A quienes servimos:

  • Niños que hablan español entre los 10 y 18 años de edad y sus familias.
  • Niños que han experimentado una crisis psiquiátrica o necesitan un nivel más intensivo de cuidados y tienen problemas funcionamiento en más de un área de su vida (escuela, hogar, comunidad).

Duración de la estancia en nuestro programa:

  • La duración de estancia en este programa es de hasta 6 meses. Despues de los
    primeros 6 meses, se lleva a cabo una revisión del progreso del adolecente y puede ser dado de baja en los servicsions o el cliente va a ser trasferido a un nivel de servisios menos intensivos.

Rosecrance Berry Campus Supportive Care Program offers brief supportive care and/or case management services to families who are on the waiting list for treatment.

It is our goal to get your child/teen into treatment as soon as possible. The Supportive Care Program is a tool you can utilize during the wait period if a concern arises.

Services offered through the Supportive Care Program:

    • Brief intervention services for a child’s/teen’s behavior or mood that does not require emergency room attention.
    • A session with a mental health professional who will conduct a brief screening of the child/teen and connect the family with resources to help until the person can receive treatment at Rosecrance Berry Campus.

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