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Lisle Substance Abuse Treatment

Rosecrance Naperville Office
2135 City Gate Ln
Naperville, IL 60563

Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center offers professional addiction services to patients and families dealing with a substance abuse illness or mental health concern. Our primary goal at Rosecrance is recovery and that’s why we place our focus on evidence based substance abuse treatment practices. The facilities here provide flexibility to all our patients, whether inpatient or outpatient care. The treatment is based on the severity and need of the patient and their families. We mentor nearly 32,000 patients and families every year through our substance abuse center. Moreover, we are thankful to offer multiple options of substance abuse treatment such as, prevention, intervention, detoxification, experiential therapies, dual-diagnosis care and family education with support services. The families of Lisle believe the value and commitment Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center brings to the table.

Lisle Substance Abuse Center

With a population of around 21,000 Lisle, Illinois is a small village in DuPage County. At Rosecrance we know how rapidly drugs and alcohol addiction can creep up and affect your life. Whether adolescent or adult, Rosecrance has several options of substance abuse treatments to help you. Our primary goal is to help patients and their family gain back control of their addiction and obtain lasting recovery. Rosecrance’s expert staff will our Lisle patients their full potential and restore broken relationships through our substance abuse treatment programs. The residents of Lisle are able to see the unbelievable work that Rosecrance is able to do through a partnering substance abuse treatment center. The Lisle residents choose Rosecrance because we have proven ourselves!

Substance Abuse Treatment Near Lisle

At Rosecrance we guarantee our core values for every patient that comes to us with excellence, integrity, compassion, recovery and diversity. Rosecrance’s team of substance abuse treatment specialists have the ability to develop an established recovery plan for anyone that calls or comes in. We do this by offering a detailed substance abuse assessment for free! For those who may have complications getting to one of our walk in substance abuse treatment centers, Rosecrance has people ready to answer your phone call to provide the assessment. All substance abuse treatment services are provided to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Rosecrance is ready to show you what recovery can be, so don’t wait any longer and call Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center at: (815) 391-1000!

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