Rosecrance Lakeview

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3701 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60613

3701 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60613

Rosecrance Lakeview
3701 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613



At Rosecrance Lakeview in Chicago, we provide treatment services that allow adults struggling with substance abuse the opportunity to heal, mature and become grounded in recovery as they progress toward a successful and drug-free future. Decades of experience in addiction treatment tell us that long-term recovery is fostered by certain elements: quality, evidence-based programs; a structured and supportive living environment; personal accountability; life and career coaching; and guidance in goal setting.

Rosecrance Lakeview offers a drug-free environment and various levels of recovery-focused treatment services.

About Rosecrance Lakeview

Rosecrance Lakeview is now accepting referrals.

To make a referral, contact a representative at Rosecrance Lakeview at 773-975-4047.



youngadults1THE NEED

The needs and expectations of adults ages 18 – 29 have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Research shows that young adults are waiting longer before they settle into careers, get married or have children. The result is an age group of individuals who have unique challenges and problems.

These young adults take more risks, have less structure and, often, lack the necessary life skills to deal with daily issues. In order for these young adults to build a lasting recovery from substance use, all of these areas must be addressed in an environment that promotes healthy independence, structure and a strong sense of community.

Today, Rosecrance serves nearly 1,200 young adults through various levels of addiction care. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to develop additional resources for this population in metropolitan Chicago, where young adults may access a rich array of educational and career opportunities.

Rosecrance Lakeview is a vital need for the large number of young adults living near and in the Chicago area. Metro Chicago has the third largest concentration of college students in the U.S. (670,000)—surpassed only by New York and Los Angeles. This particular age segment of the population uses drugs or alcohol at a rate that far exceeds the general population. For example, 23% of young adults meet the criteria for a substance use disorder versus 8.5% of the general adult population in the U.S.



Clients at Rosecrance Lakeview may be in various stages of recovery and need support and training to master life skills. We will offer the following continuum of services to promote lasting recovery and personal success.

Outpatient Center for Addiction Treatment in Chicago
The first floor of Rosecrance Lakeview offers multiple behavioral health services with a primary focus on substance abuse treatment for young adults and residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Individual and family counseling with licensed providers
  • Intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment
  • Day treatment substance abuse services

Structured Recovery Living
Additionally, Rosecrance Lakeview will offer a structured and supportive recovery living environment housed on the upper floors of the facility. Housing options will range from short-term to long-term. The short-term recovery housing option is intended for clients admitted in the intensive outpatient program or day treatment services.

The Launch to Life® Program is a longer term housing option for young adults seeking a supportive recovery environment following participation in an intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Residents will receive these services:

  • Weekly in-house peer groups
  • 12 Step support and participation
  • Academic coaching and career counseling
  • Community service opportunities
  • Planned sober recreation activities
  • Length of stay will range from three to 18 months, or more

A History of Rosecrance Recovery Homes

Rosecrance’s foray into recovery home programming dates back over two decades. Today the organization runs two recovery homes for adolescent male and female clients and a co-ed home for adults and single parents with children in Rockford.

Rosecrance also runs recovery homes for men and women in Woodstock, and recently launched the Rosecrance Lakeview facility in Chicago which provides sober living as well as outpatient counseling.

Rosecrance Lakeview provides a living space that specializes in helping adults in recovery for substance abuse. It differs from a traditional halfway house, sober living home or sober house because it provides an outpatient recovery center on the first floor where residents can receive individualized treatment. This outpatient center provides individual and family counseling, an intensive outpatient program, and day treatment.