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Lake Forest Substance Abuse Treatment

1200 Shermer Road, Suite 104
Northbrook, IL 60062

Rosecrance is a leader in substance abuse treatment and that is why we provide many different addiction services to meet your needs. Our phones are open and our compassionate team of substance abuse treatment center staff are ready to answer your questions. Whether you are an adolescent or adult, Rosecrance offers diversified and structured substance abuse treatment relating to prevention, intervention, detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatment, experiential therapies and dual-diagnosis care. Additionally, education and support are offered services to the families of our substance abuse treatment center patients allowing us to contribute to healing the whole family. These dedicated substance abuse treatment practices have provided Rosecrance the privilege of caring for over 32,000 families every year. These are just some of the reasons why the families of Lake Forest trust in our substance abuse center care teams, because Rosecrance values long-term recovery and helping patients and families be successful!

Lake Forest Substance Abuse Treatment Center

The citizens of Lake Forest welcome having Rosecrance’s substance abuse treatment center near Lake Forest. Lake Forest is a city located in Lake County, Illinois. Its population is growing continually to now over 20,000 residents. Lake Forest sits beautifully located along the shores of Lake Michigan, calling itself a neighbor to the Chicago Metropolitan area. Lake Forest residents believe in the Rosecrance promise of providing only high-quality substance abuse treatment centers; this provides a level of comfort in knowing there is help so close by. Here at Rosecrance substance abuse treatment centers, our vision is to teach lasting lessons through the recovery journey while helping patients and their families achieve personal goals, restore relationships and strengthen dynamics. Dedication helps the team at Rosecrance meet the many needs of those suffering through a substance abuse problem and that is why the families of Lake Forest trust our substance abuse treatments. Rosecrance substance abuse treatment centers guide families back on their feet to feeling like themselves again.

Substance Abuse Treatment Near Lake Forest

Our substance abuse treatment assessments help us identify the impact drugs and/or alcohol abuse may be having on your life and the options we have available to us based on what your substance abuse treatment needs are. Rosecrance provides you the option and convenience for either a phone or walk-in assessment. With Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center we place our focus on core values such as excellence, integrity, compassion, recovery and diversity. Having a caring team with these core values provides us the ability to maintain quality patient and provider relationships that lead to successful recovery. Making the call to Rosecrance, we pledge empathy and skilled staff to help make your substance abuse treatment plans a reality. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are here to help! Successful recovery is only one phone call away at Rosecrance. Call: (815) 391-1000 or choose to walk into one of our substance abuse treatment centers provided for you. Don’t be afraid to recover your life starting today!

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