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Harvey Substance Abuse Treatment

Rosecrance Frankfort Office
20635 Abbey Woods Ct #310
Frankfort, IL 60423

Rosecrance is a practical, evidence-based substance abuse treatment center that prepares individuals and families for life beyond treatment. Rosecrance has designed an atmosphere that helps patients and families discover new passions, to replace the addictive behaviors. Rosecrance also leads the way in the integration of mental health services with substance abuse treatment. Our specialized programs focus on prevention, intervention, and detoxification. Rosecrance is providing experiential and specialized therapies that include art, music, and fitness. We know that it is essential to have a holistic approach to recovery in order to achieve long term success. We are a dedicated Christ centered recovery program that focuses on educating patient of their potential, hope for the future and passion for life. Every individual matters and will be treated with the respect they deserve.

Harvey Substance Abuse Center

Harvey, Illinois is located south of the Chicagoland area and lies in Cook County with a population of 25,282 residents. Rosecrance is one of the leading substance abuse treatment centers near Harvey that provides services for children, teens, adults and families. Rosecrance has a variety of inpatient and outpatient service along with mental health dual diagnosis care, and family education. Our holistic approach at the substance abuse treatment center near Harvey addresses the emotional, developmental, physical, psychological, social, academic, spiritual and cultural needs of patients. Rosecrance substance abuse treatment centers in the nation serve over 32,000 families a year reach recovery. We have been in the business of changing and saving lives for the last 100 years.

Substance Abuse Treatment Near Harvey

Rosecrance provides help, hope and recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues for children, youth and adults. We embrace the challenge of continuous improvement because we want to provide substance abuse treatment centers that continually give long term recovery and restoration. You don’t have to walk the road of recovery alone, please call one our professionally trained staff at: (888) 928-5278 to receive your assessment today. Rosecrance substance abuse treatment center near Harvey offers convenient phone assessments. Let us help you find hope, help and create something beautiful in your life through finding freedom from addiction.

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