Get to know staff across our organization who are changing and saving lives on a daily basis.

Gail Raney

Gail Raney is the Administrator of Rosecrance Central Illinois and has a Masters Degree in Public Administration. She started working for Prairie Center in 2002, which merged into Rosecrance in 2018.




Peter Mowris

Peter Mowris, Family Program Coordinator for Rosecrance Harrison Campus, works with families of adult clients in residential treatment for substance abuse disorders.





Chris Druce Jones

Chris Druce Jones serves as Chaplain at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus, a residential treatment center that treats adults for substance use disorders. Chris’ 20 years of experience as a United Methodist Pastor provided him many opportunities to work with families and individuals from various backgrounds and settings. Now as the Chaplain for Rosecrance, he provides spiritual counseling for clients and staff through presentations, group discussions, and one-on-one support.





Earl Curry

Earl Curry is a Primary Counselor at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus, and has fifteen years’ worth of social work experience.





Kirstin Roby

Kirstin Roby is a Unit Counselor at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus. She works with the Specialized Services program that treats adolescents for primary mental health diagnoses such as mood disorders, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal behaviors, co-occurring disorders and more.


Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson has been with Rosecrance for 14 years and works as the Recreation Specialist at the Griffin Williamson Campus. She got her degree in exercise physiology and coached high school varsity basketball before coming to Rosecrance.


Karly Bergstrom

Karly Bergstrom is a Unit Specialist at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus and has been with the organization for nine months. She is passionate about helping teens develop coping skills for the mental health disorders they face.


Katie Heisler

Katie Heisler is the Team Leader for community/school-based services at Rosecrance. She works primarily at Ellis Elementary, with a caseload of 60-70 kids during the school year.




Emily Gilliam

Emily Gilliam, LMFT, is the Team Leader of the ADHD Programming at the Rosecrance Berry Campus, which serves children and adolescents. Emily has been with Rosecrance for seven years and has her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Angie Heuerman

Angie Heuerman is a Nurse in the Detox unit at Rosecrance Harrison Campus, a residential addiction treatment center for adults. She is responsible for the care of the clients, administering medication and assessments.


Brenda Hunt

Brenda Hunt has been with Rosecrance for four years and works as the Nurse Manager at the Griffin Williamson Campus, which serves teenagers recovering from substance use disorders. She believes that substance use disorders are like a disease process.


Maureen Shukis

Maureen Shukis leads a co-occurring intensive outpatient group at the Rosecrance Ware Center, and meets with clients who have both a mental health and substance abuse diagnosis.


Laurel Malloy

Laurel Malloy is a Team Leader at one of Rosecrance’s Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA). The clients who live in these homes all have a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.


Jeff Whalen

Jeff Whalen oversees six maintenance and housekeeping staff at Rosecrance Harrison Campus. His position as Environmental Services Supervisor involves maintaining the grounds & pond, performing boiler and air conditioner checks, and working on general maintenance around the building



Jada Miller

As an Art Therapist and licensed counselor at Rosecrance Harrison Campus, Jada Miller focuses on the therapeutic process as clients create artwork as part of their treatment for substance use disorders.



Carlene Cardosi

Carlene Cardosi is Clinical Director of Residential Services, and has been with Rosecrance since 2008. She has worked at both the adolescent and adult residential substance abuse treatment centers in Rockford.



Bonnie Gilmore

Bonnie Gilmore is a Recovery Technician at Rosecrance Ware Center and oversees the Recovery Resource Center. She has been with Rosecrance since 1998.



Steve Berg

Steve Berg is a Unit Counselor for the Rosecrance Florian Program at the Harrison Campus, and he has been with the organization for 18 years.



Sandra Knezevic

Sandra Knezevic has been with Rosecrance since December 2015. Before working at Rosecrance, she was an intern with TASC in Cook County jail, providing case management services.“I have a passion for people who I feel like society has turned the other way. I want to help the underdogs.”

Jason Relle

Jason Relle is an outpatient coordinator at Rosecrance Berry Campus. He oversees the SASS (Screening, Assessment and Support Services) team as well as the community-based clinicians. These two teams combined represent 25 staff that Jason oversees.

Joe Kreul

Joe Kreul is the Supervisor for the Child & Family Program at Rosecrance Berry Campus and he’s been with Rosecrance for over four years.



Lindsay Pozzi

Lindsay Pozzi works as an integrated clinical therapist embedded at Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue. Her role is to provide support to clients who are coping with chronic pain, many of whom have anxiety and depression.


Ron Kreichbaum

Ron Kriechbaum is a Behavioral Health Case Manager with the ACT program at Rosecrance Ware Center. ACT stands for Assertive Community Treatment; the case managers on the team work to enhance the client’s ability to live independently in his or her own community. Ron has been with Rosecrance for 27 years.

Fran Herron

Fran works as a Unit Counselor with the female clients at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus. She’s been working for Rosecrance nine years. Her focus is in relapse prevention, and she helps the women at Rosecrance identify warning signs, avoidance tactics and coping skills.

Hanah Matz

Hanah Matz has been with Rosecrance for six years and works as an Addiction Counselor at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus. She spoke with us about the transformation she sees in the adolescent clients during their treatment.

Misty Owens

Misty Owens is a Unit Counselor on one of the boys’ units at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus. As a Unit Counselor, she helps the boys with their day-to-day tasks – waking them up in the morning, facilitating groups, getting them to their meals and to school.


Michael Oldenburg, CADC, MISAI

Michael has been with Rosecrance for ten years and currently works as a Recovery Advocate at Rosecrance Harrison Campus. Before coming to work for Rosecrance he was in the military for six years, serving two tours: one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.


Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan works part-time as a Unit Specialist. His primary role at Rosecrance is to lead the 12-Step meetings for the men staying at the Harrison Campus. He’s been working in this role for almost 10 years.



IT Department

Our IT department at Rosecrance makes sure all of our technology, systems and software are working efficiently for the needs of the organization.



Mujtaba Ahmed, MSW, CADC

Muj is an addictions counselor who works with clients on the opiate-specific unit at Rosecrance Harrison Campus. He spoke with us about the growing trend of heroin use, and how Rosecrance provides individualized treatment for our clients.



Monica Reu, MSW, CADC

Monica Reu is an addiction counselor at the Griffin Williamson Campus and has been with Rosecrance for almost nine years. She spoke with us about the concept of “planting seeds” and how it relates to the recovery process at Rosecrance.


alexandra-lekasAlexandra Lekas, MS, AMFT

Alexandra is an addiction counselor with Rosecrance and has been here a little over a year. She works at the Griffin Williamson Campus with the young adult males. Alexandra is passionate about how recovery impacts the entire family.



Mikaela Schultz, MSW, LISW, LCSW

Mikaela is primarily the adolescent counselor at Rosecrance New Life in Iowa. Mikaela has passion for work with all individuals in problem solving, goal setting, and creating a strong foundation for positive outcomes.



Erin Fowler, MHP, CADC

Erin is an addiction counselor for Rosecrance and runs an intensive outpatient group for adult clients struggling with substance use disorders. [READ MORE]




Edward Pillow

Ed Pillow has been with Rosecrance for over ten years, and sees first-hand the importance of nature in the recovery process. Ed supervises a grounds crew that maintains the grounds for over six Rosecrance locations. [READ MORE]



Mary Barchard, CADC

Mary is a Recovery Home Specialist at Woodstock Recovery Home. She transports clients from the recovery home to treatment and to meetings, and provides case management services. [READ MORE]




Emily Garmisa, LPC, CADC

Emily has been working at Rosecrance Lakeview since the outpatient center/recovery home opened in June. Emily works with the young adults in the Launch to Life program, focusing on case management, life skills training, job and career counseling, and academic coaching. [READ MORE]



Johnny Cooper, CADC

Johnny Cooper is a senior addiction counselor and he has been with Rosecrance for over 26 years. He works with adolescent clients assigned to probation. “It’s a way for me to be proactive and intervene, to prevent them from getting into further trouble legally.”


kerifager1Keri Fager, CTRS, CADC

Keri has been with Rosecrance for seven years and works as the therapeutic recreation coordinator, working to integrate and expand the experiential therapies program into all of the outpatient services that Rosecrance provides. The Experiential Therapies program includes art therapy, fitness, meditation, yoga, drumming and music, and team building activities. [READ MORE]


amyyoung2Amy Young, MS, APN, FNP-BC

Amy Young is an advanced practice nurse (APN) at Rosecrance and has been with Rosecrance for nine years. She splits her time between the Harrison Campus for adults, Griffin Williamson Campus for adolescents, and Berry Campus for children. She started as an intern here while going through nursing school. [READ MORE]