Faces of Rosecrance: Tom Morgan

“I’m kind of retired now. I’ve always respected what Rosecrance does, and I decided to call over and say that I’d like to help. One thing led to another and they said that they wanted me to work here instead of just volunteer. I just love doing this.”

Tom Morgan works part-time as a Unit Specialist. His primary role at Rosecrance is to lead the 12-Step meetings for the men staying at the Harrison Campus. He’s been working in this role for almost 10 years. “I explain how the 12 Steps work and how to really work them. It changes people; it changes your attitude. But the key is you’ve got to want it. If you want it, it’ll work for you. I’ve never seen it fail. I’ve seen people fail, but I’ve never seen the program fail.”

“My wife recently asked me, ‘When are you going to truly retire?’ And I said, ‘As soon as I get tired of seeing miracles.’ I’ve seen people come in here, scared and angry and resentful, some of them get that transformation. I think for them to get there, they’ve got to be open, honest, willing and have courage.”