Faces of Rosecrance: Steve Berg

Steve Berg is a Unit Counselor for the Rosecrance Florian Program at the Harrison Campus, and he has been with the organization for 18 years. Steve’s responsibilities include monitoring clients, leading a co-occurring group and helping the clients develop coping skills. “We stress the importance of treating both the substance use and mental health disorder at the same time, because if they relapse on one, they’re likely to relapse on the other.”

“The nature of the beast with firefighters, military and police is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). Many of our clients have nightmares & night terrors. Most of them are still working in the field; they’re still going to experience these traumatic things. They have a peer support group, where a different speaker comes in each week to speak with the clients.”

“This plant I actually got from a client at Rosecrance back in the day. This guy was with us for eight months and someone gave him three leaves. He put them in a Styrofoam cup with some water and it took him almost five months to get a root on it, but he named the plant “Hope.” At the end of his stay we had a commencement ceremony, and he said to me, ‘You know what this represents and that’s what you’ve given me, so I’m giving you this plant.’ Now it sits in my living room. It’s a big plant. It’s still growing to this day.”