Faces of Rosecrance: Ron Kreichbaum

Ron Kriechbaum is a Behavioral Health Case Manager with the ACT program at Rosecrance Ware Center. ACT stands for Assertive Community Treatment; the case managers on the team work to enhance the client’s ability to live independently in his or her own community. Ron has been with Rosecrance for 27 years; he started working at the Janet Wattles Center in 1989. “Back then there were only three or four medications available. There’s been big advances.”

“Our community activity groups help the clients get out of the house & provide socialization opportunities.  We access community sites that are of interest: the museum, park district sites, etc. Our clients tend to isolate and their environments aren’t stable for various reasons. It’s one of the best ways to help them.”

“I’ve seen a lot of people that have benefited from our services. They’re more stable and more productive. Many clients will consider you [the case manager] their best friend. It’s just what they say. And when you think about it, you probably are. You’re someone they can trust. A lot of our efforts are to try to re-establish family support, which may have been damaged because of the client’s illness. We work with the families to help identify ways in which they can become more involved.“

“The keys to our ACT program success are great support from Joan Lodge and Leah Scanlan, and a good sense of humor. This we all have in spades, and is a must for working with such challenging clients and situations.”