Faces of Rosecrance: Monica Reu


Monica Reu is an addiction counselor at the Griffin Williamson Campus and has been with Rosecrance for almost nine years. We asked her to share what she thinks the public needs to know about addiction: “It’s not a choice. It’s not out of sheer willpower that people can stop. It is a ‘thinking disease’ and it takes a lot more than just ‘not using.’ It’s a lifestyle change. Rosecrance treats body, mind and soul. It’s basically teaching a whole way of life and learning how to heal.”


“I learned from very early on that we’re in the business of planting seeds. We may not necessarily be able to see the changes that clients will make; we might see a glimpse here and there, but the real work starts when they leave here. You may not ever hear from those clients again, whether they’re doing well… or not so well. It’s encouraging to know that I’ve been a part of planting the seed and giving them an opportunity to make changes.”