Faces of Rosecrance: Mikaela Schultz


“I have yet to have a teen come in [to treatment] and it was their own idea. I had one girl in her later teens, and for this specific client the external motivation was her mom. She and her mom have a tenuous relationship. Her substance of choice was marijuana.

I remember the first session she came in, basically her first words were a profanity-laced opinion of being here. And I said, ‘That’s fine. I hear ya. Here’s the deal. You’re going to have experiences in your life all the time that you don’t want to do because that is just reality. And it’s up to you, whether you walk into the arena with your head held high or I have to drag you … and really I’m not that strong. So can you just hang out with me for a little bit and not hate life? Can we just do this?’

As time went on, she started thinking about things, understanding how we run groups. Once she got used to that, she started opening up. This program helped her make her own choices. Really, our program just gave her the opportunity to think about what she wanted.

She probably calls me at least once a month. She successfully graduated just over a year ago. She’s in her first semester of college; she’s getting a degree in something she’s very excited about. She’s reported multiple times ‘I don’t think I would have gotten here if I hadn’t stopped smoking.’”


“The most rewarding thing about my job is watching people gain confidence in themselves. There’s nothing better than people going through the change process and becoming convinced that it’s the best thing for them, and really living that.

It’s exciting a lot of times when people challenge me as a professional, because then I get to learn new skills. If everyone was just agreeable, I wouldn’t grow.”