Faces of Rosecrance: Mary Barchard


“I am the Monday through Friday person. I transport our residents from the recovery home to treatment and to meetings, and I also do a lot of case management: getting them connected with their LINK card, community resources, helping them find a job, learning how to plan a schedule, do laundry and set an alarm clock.

They may not know how to grocery shop because they’re been living out of a gas station. Their typical lunch might be an energy drink and a bag of Cheetos. So I help them figure out how that $47 is going to stretch into a pot of chili that’s going to last for four days. They’re learning to live in their early recovery.”


“I started out on the mental health side, and then transitioned into a role as a psychosocial rehab specialist. I loved it – did a lot of group work & skill building. I decided to go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree. In the four years that I’ve been at Rosecrance I’ve finished my bachelor’s, I have my CADC coursework completed, I’m engaged in my master’s program in counseling… so Rosecrance has been really instrumental in helping me foster that desire to grow. I’ve been very blessed.”


“The most rewarding thing about my job is running into old residents that stop back here and can’t wait to tell you how they’re doing – what life looks like and you know you were a part of that. One of my favorites, and it’s going to be hard when she leaves… it’s a joke that she and I have, because she came in wearing orange and in shackles. And I said ‘you came in with shackles and you’re going out with wings.’ She’s flying. She’s doing well.”