Faces of Rosecrance: Lindsay Pozzi

Lindsay Pozzi works as an integrated clinical therapist embedded at Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue. Her role is to provide support to clients who are coping with chronic pain, many of whom have anxiety and depression. “The majority of people that I see have lower back pain and fibromyalgia. A lot of people come to me without a diagnosis; they just know that they have pain. I try to remind them that there is no cure or fix. I help them learn how to live with their pain so they can improve their quality of life.”

“One of my clients said he liked to go fishing, but due to his chronic pain he couldn’t fish anymore. I asked him why not; he explained that he liked to fish in a boat and it was too painful for him to sit in a boat for six hours at a time. I explained to him that he could still fish, but maybe from a deck in a comfy chair. Another woman told me that she couldn’t go to her son’s sporting events because she couldn’t sit in the bleachers. I recommended taking a comfy pillow with a wheelchair out to the field and having someone push her; she had never thought of that. Sometimes people are so consumed by their pain, they can’t think outside the box. That’s how I help them.”

“This is my 13th year in this field. Out of every job I’ve ever had, this has been the most rewarding. I’m able to see the long-term benefit. A lot of people are consumed by their pain; I teach them how to manage and cope with their pain. That can be life-changing.”