Faces of Rosecrance: Keri Fager

September 20, 2016


Keri has been with Rosecrance for seven years and works as the therapeutic recreation coordinator, working to integrate and expand the experiential therapies program into all of the outpatient services that Rosecrance provides. “A lot of it is trying to get the full continuum of care. As our clients move from inpatient treatment to a recovery home or outpatient services, we’re looking at how to educate them on healthy living, wellness and how they can learn new coping skills.”

“Oftentimes our clients will sit in an office and we’ll ask them to start talking about how they feel, and it feels threatening; it’s hard for them to do. Our Experiential Therapies program provides a safe environment – our clients feel less vulnerable. They’re able to open up more.”

The Experiential Therapies program includes art therapy, fitness, meditation, yoga, drumming and music, and team building activities.


“A lot of times we’ve seen clients who really come out of their shell, step outside their comfort zone and we see a lot of their strengths. We get to know the clients a lot better when we get them into situations where they feel like they can open up more and put down their barriers. In art therapy we see it where they’re not able to really verbalize how they’re feeling but it’s easier for them to put into images. From an aspect of physical wellness, you start to physically see their healing through yoga and fitness.”

“We start to see our clients doing really well while they’re here, and I think one of the biggest struggles is wondering ‘Did they carry on with these things after they left?’ One of the coolest things is when you run into a client in outpatient or they send an email with an update. I remember one of the ladies from the women’s unit who sent pictures to us – she had gotten really into fitness and she was doing really well in her recovery and she made a point to say ‘Tell Keri thank you for helping me to value my health and wellness again.’ That’s one of the coolest things to see when they’re applying the things that they started to enjoy while they’re here.”

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