Faces of Rosecrance: Joe Kreul

Meet Joe Kreul. He’s the Supervisor for the Child & Family Program at Rosecrance Berry Campus and he’s been with Rosecrance for over four years. “Clients come to us, get an assessment and treatment plan, and come for appointments either once and week or every other week. We do family therapy, individual therapy, groups and psychiatric services.” There are fifteen therapists in the Child & Family Program.

“We also have adolescent substance abuse IOP groups; one of which is a co-occurring group for substance abuse and mental health issues. A lot of clients that are part of that group are seeing a therapist regularly for trauma issues, and going to the IOP group for substance abuse issues. There’s a lot of coordination.”

“When a kid is exhibiting an unwanted behavior, they’re doing it because it works for them. For example, take young kids who throw huge temper tantrums and get aggressive for attention… they’re doing it because it works. As they grow older, it becomes dysfunctional. A lot of these symptoms that teenagers and adults face… they had ten years of training where it worked for them. To undo ten years’ worth of learned behavior is going to take a long time. They can’t just flip a switch. Addressing it as early as possible and working with the families & parents is so important. We see this most often with ADHD; the longer it goes untreated, they’re more likely to develop depression and oppositional defiance disorder because they become discouraged and just give up.”

“We’re here. It never hurts to get an assessment or come in. If you’re uncertain, just give us a call. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you, it just means that you’re going through a tough spot.”