Faces of Rosecrance: Jason Relle

Jason Relle is an outpatient coordinator at Rosecrance Berry Campus. He oversees the SASS (Screening, Assessment and Support Services) team as well as the community-based clinicians. These two teams combined represent 25 staff that Jason oversees. The SASS team is part of a statewide program that serves children experiencing a mental health crisis; SASS workers have 90 minutes to respond to a situation and provide crisis intervention, linkage and coordination of services to the most appropriate treatment.

“In crisis situations, these adolescents may cope with anything. Our SASS team is trained to assess whether any substances are involved, and if so the client may be referred to our Intensive Outpatient Program here at the Berry Campus or our inpatient facility for substance abuse treatment.” Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus is just down the street on University Drive from the Rosecrance Berry Campus; these two campuses work together to provide coordination of services where needed.

The other community-based clinicians visit children and adolescents in their schools and homes; oftentimes for these clients the best way to provide care is when they’re out in familiar environments. “It’s about convenience, but ultimately it’s about therapeutic care and what is the best way for them to receive treatment.”

“What I enjoy most about my job is making an impact by collaborating with community agencies. I do some trainings and presentations to start conversations about mental health, and to discuss what resources are available in the community.”

“It’s important to know there are supports out there. It might seem exhausting researching treatment options for your child… we’re here to help. We work to make sure that everyone is involved in the discussion – the clinician, school, and family. They all must be involved for treatment to be effective.”