Faces of Rosecrance: Hanah Matz

January 12, 2017

Hanah Matz has been with Rosecrance for six years and works as an Addiction Counselor at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus. She spoke with us about the transformation she sees in the adolescent clients during their treatment: “Most clients don’t feel like they need treatment, but they do it in order to please someone: school, probation, or family. That shifts for most of the kids throughout their stay into seeing how drugs have impacted their life. For example, they may be able to identify that they are failing in school and how it is in conjunction with their substance use.”

“We really try to meet them where they’re at. We may be able to identify many different areas in which their substance abuse has impacted their life, but our treatment plan is geared toward what they want to work on. If they feel like anxiety is the problem, we’ll work with them on that. Once they’re in control of their recovery, they tend to be more self-motivated. The biggest transformation with most of them is realizing their self-worth. They tend to get a better understanding of who they are.”

“There’s so many ways of meeting kids where they’re at here at Rosecrance. We don’t just sit down in an office and ask them to tell us how they’re feeling. We tell them, ‘Show me, express to me, act it out.’ Sometimes I’ll play basketball one-on-one with a kid, and that will end up being one of the best counseling sessions. We have our healing garden, experiential therapies program, and so many non-traditional ways that we’re able to reach the kids in this setting. That’s really unique. When you engage the client in those areas, that’s where you get to see the real kid.”

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