Faces of Rosecrance: Fran Herron

Fran works as a Unit Counselor with the female clients at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus. She’s been working for Rosecrance nine years. Her focus is in relapse prevention, and she helps the women at Rosecrance identify warning signs, avoidance tactics and coping skills. “Examples of some coping skills would be talking to your sponsor, going to a meeting, or just keeping yourself busy in the moment that you might want to use or drink. We talk about always having a schedule. But most important is reaching out to other alcoholics and addicts for encouragement. You need that support.”

“We have women coming from all different backgrounds. You have women 19 years old to 70 years old on the women’s unit. Having everyone learn from each other is a huge challenge, but it is possible. We try to focus on the similarities between their stories, not the differences.”

“One of my first clients that I ever worked with is coming back to be a speaker here at Rosecrance. It shows the rest of the clients that are suffering that there is a way out. When clients are new in recovery and they think they can’t do this, and hear similarities between themselves and someone else, they start to think ‘maybe I can do that.’”

“Hopefully I’m planting the seed for these women to succeed. I tell these women, ‘You can change. You have a choice.’ A lot of these women come in and they don’t think that they have a choice. By being a role model to them, I can show them that there is a way out.”