Faces of Rosecrance: Erin Fowler


Erin is an addiction counselor for Rosecrance and runs an intensive outpatient group for adult clients struggling with substance use disorders.  “Group is probably my favorite part of my job. I love getting to see the light bulbs click when things make sense. I love seeing just how much fight these people have inside themselves. I’m lucky I walk through the door on a daily basis to a job that I love.”

Erin has a background in music so she incorporates that into her groups sometimes. “I have them pick a song that’s representative of their recovery. We’ll listen to it; they’ll explain why it’s important to them. I had a twenty year old pick Frank Sinatra because that’s what he and his grandfather used to listen to together.”


“I just had a client call me about six weeks ago to tell me he’s been two years sober. I had a client email me that she’s been over a year sober. It’s those moments, it’s when they say ‘I think I’ve finally figured it out,’ or ‘I never thought I’d say no,’ or ‘I walked away.’ Those might be small achievements in someone’s head but when they come in with their eyes lit, that makes it all worth it. It’s pretty amazing.”