Faces of Rosecrance: Emily Gilliam

Emily Gilliam, LMFT, is the Team Leader of the ADHD Programming at the Rosecrance Berry Campus, which serves children and adolescents. Emily has been with Rosecrance for seven years and has her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

“Our ADHD clinic is an 18-week program that provides client and parent training that focuses on symptom management and recognition, emotion control and management, and self-esteem building. It’s a safe space for parents to discuss what’s going on with their kids with other parents who are experiencing the same things.”

“We talk with parents about how to develop their relationship with their child, how to build up their child’s self-esteem, and how to be an advocate for them in the community and school. We talk about the neuroscience of ADHD so they really know what’s going on in their brain. For the kids, we teach them that having ADHD gives them superpowers, and makes them amazing – not ‘different.’ We teach them organizational skills and how to follow directions slowly. The biggest part of our group is that social “win,” that interaction without being told that they’re wrong or different.”