Faces of Rosecrance: Chris Druce Jones

January 10, 2018

Chris Druce Jones serves as Chaplain at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus, a residential treatment center that treats adults for substance use disorders. Chris’ 20 years of experience as a United Methodist Pastor provided him many opportunities to work with families and individuals from various backgrounds and settings. Now as the Chaplain for Rosecrance, he provides spiritual counseling for clients and staff through presentations, group discussions, and one-on-one support.

“A big part of the job is grief support for families and individuals as they experience loss of various kinds. I’m learning that there is a common theme with those who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. There is usually some sort of loss in these people’s lives: loss of a loved one or significant person. One way to cope with loss is to numb the pain. I don’t think anyone intentionally starts out as an addict, but they may seek [drugs or alcohol] regularly for a source of comfort.”

In the grief & loss group that Chris facilitates, he encourages clients to voice their emotional pain. “We share the exact nature of the loss, the name of the individual, and share our feelings around the loss. The rest of the group gives a listening ear, which provides comfort.”

Chris structures his curriculum around the spiritual principles of the 12-Step program. “I love being part of a team that helps these clients heal. Every day I get to be a part of helping someone’s life. It’s the most rewarding experience.”

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