Faces of Rosecrance: Bonnie Gilmore

Bonnie Gilmore is a Recovery Technician at Rosecrance Ware Center and oversees the Recovery Resource Center. She has been with Rosecrance since 1998.

The Recovery Resource Center provides peer support and mentoring, and features an extensive library of recovery materials for individuals and family members. “Clients can learn about their symptoms and how to reduce them, learn about medications, and about peer engagement. We also have community partnerships with fire, police and health departments to come in and do educational presentations.”

“I try to take advantage of every teachable moment. I like mentoring. I see some of our most vulnerable people and how it can feel frustrating and hopeless if you don’t have a hand up. I always say, ‘not a hand out, a hand up.’”

“I really wish that everyone could take a Mental Health First Aid course. It’s important to understand that people didn’t ask for this illness… all they need is a hand up. It’s a journey. They just need some support.”

During her time working as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Aide, Bonnie Gilmore’s responsibilities included assisting clients in building or strengthening their daily living skills. She worked from the Silver Lining Clubhouse on 20th Street.

“A client was moving, and I was helping her. I drove to the location but never paid attention to the apartment building number. We had loaded a recliner on a small elevator, but the elevator got stuck between floors. The client and I were trapped. When I pressed the emergency button, I couldn’t give an address to the fire department. We kept playing with the buttons and we finally got the doors cracked open, but we were between floors; we could see people’s feet. Eventually the fire department did come and help us out. Now I always pay attention to the building number.”

“Community-based services are critical to help enhance the quality of life of an individual with a serious mental illness. Renting an apartment for the first time can be scary for these clients. Many responsibilities come with having an apartment. My goal was to help these clients become successful while living independently.”