Faces of Rosecrance: Angie Heuerman

Angie Heuerman is a Nurse in the Detox unit at Rosecrance Harrison Campus, a residential addiction treatment center for adults. She is responsible for the care of the clients, administering medication and assessments.

“We try to keep a positive outlook with these clients, because sometimes we see them multiple times. It would be possible to fall into the pattern of, ‘Oh, they’re back again.’ That doesn’t help them, or you. We have to assess the current situation and have a fresh, positive attitude.”

Angie has worked for Rosecrance for almost ten years. She received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing and is currently working to obtain her doctorate degree to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

“The people here are awesome. If you have a bad day, you’re going to have a hard time finding someone that won’t open their door and talk with you. It’s a great team.”

“Working in detox, we get the brunt of it when clients are angry or sad. So we work with them through that, but we also have to make an effort to check up on the clients as they move on to inpatient so that you can see them in recovery.”

Angie explained how more than any other unit at the Harrison Campus, detox sees a lot of turnover. In one or two days after clients are finished detoxing, they either leave or move on to inpatient treatment.

“There was this client in detox that had long hair, dark circles under his eyes… two weeks later he came through and said hello to me, but I didn’t recognize him at first. He had gotten a haircut, put on five or ten pounds, and was wearing nice clothes instead of scrubs.”

The physical change that recovery can have on a person is sometimes pretty dramatic. One client that came through the detox unit was at their lowest point, and remembered the impact that Angie’s words had in his recovery journey:

“I did have a client approach me at the grocery store. He remembered me from when he was in treatment seven years ago. He had been clean ever since he went through detox and inpatient services. He was someone that I had seen three or four times in the detox unit, but now he is married, has two kids, went back to school and graduated. We’ve been able to become friends now and he’s doing wonderfully.”