Faces of Rosecrance: Alexandra Lekas

November 18, 2016


Alexandra is an addiction counselor with Rosecrance and has been here a little over a year. She had a close family member that went through the inpatient recovery program at Rosecrance Harrison Campus, who is still sober to this day. “Ever since then, Rosecrance has been a big part of my life. I wrote about Rosecrance in my college essays. This was always what came to mind when I thought about what I wanted to do.”

Because she understood that addiction affects not only the individual but the entire family, she pursued her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Nebraska. Now her work at Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus allows her to counsel the whole family while their child is in treatment. “We can work with a kid for thirty days, but if nothing changes in their home environment while they’re here, they’re going to relapse. I love working with the families and figuring out how they’re going to tailor things to fit the changes that their kids are making.”


“My favorite part about working here is all the different things we can do with our kids. For individual sessions, I don’t like to sit in my office. What kid wants to sit there and stare at me and my computer for thirty minutes to an hour? I love taking them for walks with the dogs that we have here, walking around the serenity garden. It’s amazing how much more they open up when you’re walking around the serenity garden vs. sitting in my office. For some of the boys, we’ll go down to the gym and shoot hoops or take them to the game room to play Xbox. A lot of times they open up the most because they’re doing something physical, so they let their guard down. That’s one of the reasons why I chose this facility because we have so many resources here.”

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