Faces of Rosecrance: Amy Young

September 20, 2016


“I love the opportunity here to provide holistic care. From the first time that I get to meet a person, whether it’s at admission as a nurse or at evaluation when I’m providing psychiatric care, or a physical exam when I’m providing medical care, I really think that interaction where you get to provide dignity to the client and let them tell their story is so therapeutic.”

Amy Young is an advanced practice nurse (APN) at Rosecrance and has been with Rosecrance for nine years. She splits her time between the Harrison Campus for adults, Griffin Williamson Campus for adolescents, and Berry Campus for children. She started as an intern here while going through nursing school.

“The hardest thing for us nurses to remember is that we can never work harder than the client. My goal is to help them work as hard as they can – I’m going to be right next to them, every step of the way, but I’m never going to work harder than them. They never learn if we do it for them.”


“My first year here as a nurse there was a client who was very difficult and he had detoxed I think nine times. I’m pretty sure I had spent more holidays with him than I spent with my own family that year. He struggled a lot. As I entered into my second year here, he had a year sober and he was coming in to speak on Saturdays so I got to listen to him speak to the clients, which was really powerful. There are so many defining moments in a career that spans here nine years. I think every day there is a certain defining moment that reminds me of why I’m here for the clients.

The harder ones are definitely there too. There was a young woman, very bright, who we detoxed – and there was a little waiting room where her little boy and his grandmother were waiting on the other side. He was banging on the glass double doors yelling to her “Get better, mommy, get better.” A couple months after that she overdosed and passed away. So remembering that client and her story and her son really makes me fight harder for the next client.”

Thanks to Amy Young for sharing her experiences with us.

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