Rosecrance Alumni Cafe Support Group

Artwork by Rosecrance alumni

Artwork by Rosecrance alumni

The Alumni Café Support Group
The Alumni Café is your chance to return to where your new life began and share your journey of lasting recovery and “experience, strength and hope.” It’s a gathering of Rosecrance alumni coming together to share and support one another. The Alumni Café is a free event that lasts one hour, but the information and relationships will last you a lifetime. You’ll be surprised by how your story can help others.

Dates & Times

Rosecrance Harrison Campus
1st Monday of every month

Rosecrance Crystal Lake Office
2nd Tuesday of every month

Rosecrance Lakeview Office
4th Tuesday of every month

Alumni Cafes begin in November 2016.

An alternate date has been set for the Lakeview group for November. Instead of the 4th Thursday it will be taking place on the third Thursday, which is November 17, 2016..