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U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin visits Rosecrance adolescent campus

Rosecrance President/CEO Philip W. Eaton (left) and Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Gomel (right) meet with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin during his visit to Rosecrance's adolescent substance abuse treatment campus in Rockford.

Rosecrance President/CEO Philip W. Eaton (left) and Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Gomel (right) meet with U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, during his visit to Rosecrance’s adolescent substance abuse treatment campus in Rockford.

ROCKFORD – U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin , D-IL, learned firsthand about the impact of drugs on young people during a visit Tuesday, May 28, to the Rosecrance adolescent substance abuse treatment campus.

During his stop at the 78-bed residential treatment center in Rockford, Sen. Durbin talked with adolescent clients about their progress in the therapeutic program. The senator toured the onsite school, gymnasium, fitness center and adolescent living spaces.

Visiting with Rosecrance President/CEO Philip W. Eaton, Durbin expressed particular concern about the growing problem of heroin addiction among Illinois youth, the importance of addressing the issue at an early age and how drug activity is a major factor in Rockford’s current crime problem.

Before his visit to the adolescent campus Tuesday, Sen. Durbin met with local and federal law enforcement officials, along with U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos, at the federal courthouse in Rockford to discuss strategies to combat crime in the city.


Hear Rosecrance's Dr. Wright talk about addiction on WGN radio

Dr. Thomas WrightLast week, Dr. Thomas Wright, Rosecrance Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, appeared on Chicago’s “WGN Sports Night” to talk about addiction, student athletes, peer pressure and what parents can do to prevent substance abuse problems in their family.

Joining Dr. Wright was Marc Anderson, a certified Mental Game Coach who works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement.

Click on this link to go to WGN’s page, then click on the dark triangle under the introductory paragraph to hear the broadcast.

Rosecrance hosts adult Alumni Cafe May 20 at Harrison Campus

At 6 p.m. Monday, May 20, Rosecrance will host the first adult Alumni Café at its Harrison Campus, 3815 Harrison Ave., Rockford. The free event will last one hour.

The café is a chance to return to where your new life began and share your journey of lasting recovery. It’s a gathering of adult Rosecrance alumni coming together to share and support one another.

For more information, contact Alumni Coordinator Melissa Garrison at 815.387.2571 or

Rosecrance employees donate to Annual Blood Drive

Rosecrance Berry Campus receptionist James Nachampassack donates blood Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

Rosecrance Berry Campus receptionist James Nachampassack donates blood Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at the Berry Campus.

On Tuesday, May 7, Rosecrance employees participated in the company’s annual blood drive, donating a total of 24 units at the Rock River Valley Blood Center’s vehicle, which was located at the Rosecrance Harrison Campus and Rosecrance Berry Campus.


Rosecrance celebrates designation as one of America’s healthiest companies

Joseph W. Furlin, Vice President Business Development for Interactive Health, congratulates Rosecrance President/CEO Philip W. Eaton on the occasion of Rosecrance being named one of the "Healthiest Companies in America."

Joseph W. Furlin, Vice President Business Development for Interactive Health, congratulates Rosecrance President/CEO Philip W. Eaton on the occasion of Rosecrance being named one of the “Healthiest Companies in America.”

On Tuesday, May 7, Rosecrance  Health Network announced national recognition as one of the “Healthiest Companies in America.” The award is given by Interactive Health Inc., the leading provider of outcomes-based wellness solutions.

Rosecrance was one of 72 honorees (among 1,600 eligible companies) for health and wellness initiatives in 2012. The “Healthiest Companies in America” award is given to organizations across the nation that attain a company-wide low-health-risk status while achieving high employee participation in their wellness program. The selection process analyzes clinical test results demonstrating improved employee health across an index of key health indicators.

To receive the award, companies must achieve low- to no-risk status for two consecutive years. Of the staff members who needed to improve their health scores from 2011, 70 percent were successful in their efforts, according to 2012 clinical test results. In addition, Rosecrance’s overall Wellness score improved from the previous year.

Joseph W. Furlin, Vice President Business Development for Interactive Health, commended Rosecrance for taking a strategic approach to employees’ health.

“You have a corporate culture that encourages each individual to take responsibility for their own health,” Furlin said in presenting the award. In addition to better health for staff, positive results include fewer insurance claims,   he said.

Accepting the award, Rosecrance President/CEO Philip W. Eaton thanked the organization’s Goodwill and Wellness Committee, made up of staff members, for their ongoing efforts to promote healthy lifestyle choices among co-workers.

“I believe in my heart that healthy employees make a healthy company,” Eaton said. “Our Goodwill and Wellness committee has provided great leadership in keeping this issue in front of staff.”

The committee organizes healthy weight loss competitions called the “Biggest Winner,” twice each year and maintains the focus on healthy lifestyles through a weekly “Apple-A-Day” e-newsletter. Staff and their families have access to an Employee Assistance Program for their emotional well-being, and the health insurance plan provides full coverage for annual physicals and age- and gender-specific testing, including mammograms. An insurance premium discount is offered staff members who participate in the wellness program through IHS. In addition, the organization’s main campuses have fitness centers that are open to staff during certain hours each day.

The focus on wellness extends to clients receiving treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders. Therapeutic programming links recovery to healthy lifestyle choices, including a good diet, recreation and fitness. Rosecrance has a nutritionist to ensure that clients in residential programs receive a healthy diet. Clients receive support in smoking cessation programs, as well.

Register Star reports on new Ipsen Conservatory

The Ipsen Conservatory at Rosecrance's Griffin Williamson Campus.

The Ipsen Conservatory at Rosecrance’s Griffin Williamson Campus.

In Saturday’s Rockford Register Star, columnist Geri Nikolai wrote about the new Ipsen Conservatory, which recently opened at Rosecrance’s Griffin Williamson Campus:

“Anyone who has worked a garden knows the feeling of peace it brings.

“Whether you spend an afternoon tending valuable roses or pulling weeds from a carrot patch, you finish the task with a serenity that life doesn’t always provide.

“Teenagers are experiencing that at Rosecrance’s adolescent treatment center on Rockford’s far east side. Their treatment program always included daily use of the seven-acre Healing Garden, a small Japanese garden designed by the same landscaper who did the world-renowned Anderson Japanese Gardens on Spring Creek.

“Now the teens also will learn, and heal, in a 23- by 33-foot conservatory on the roof of the residential center for alcohol and drug abuse treatment. The $500,000 conservatory, which overlooks the Healing Garden, was funded largely by donors, including Susan Ipsen for whom the Ipsen Conservatory is named.”

Read the whole article here.

Rosecrance Berry Campus to celebrate Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

The Rosecrance Berry Campus will recognize the importance of children’s social and emotional well-being with an open house and art show from 2 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 9.The Berry Campus is located at 8616 Northern Ave., Rockford. (click for map and directions.)

The theme for the annual celebration is “What does ‘Help, Hope and Recovery’ Mean to You?” National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day is observed annually and promoted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which is the leading federal information source for relevant and factual information on behavioral health topics.

The goal of such awareness events is to offer hope to the millions of children, adolescents, adults and families affected by substance abuse and mental illness. According to government research, 4 million children and adolescents in the United States suffer from a serious mental disorder that causes significant functional impairments at school, at home or with peers.

SAMHSA reports that early identification of symptoms and appropriate therapeutic interventions are essential to prevent loss of developmental time in children due to mental disorders. Appropriate actions at the right time can minimize long-term disability, according to SAMHSA.

The consequences of untreated mental disorders in children and adolescents include school failure, juvenile and criminal justice involvement, more health care needs later on and higher suicide rates.

“The goal of our creative exhibit is to give our Berry clients an opportunity to express themselves in healthy ways,” said Charity Shaw-Moyado, administrator at the Berry Campus.

“They have so much to say and give, and often, their artwork and writing offers insight that can help adults around them understand how to provide the right level of care.”

The show is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.